It’s Mid Year!

Get ready, get set, get BUBU. The count down to the End of the Year is being warmed up by a fabulous crowd with delicious cocktails and top notch DJ’s. Let’s do the BUBU dance.



agm-champion-city7 – 9 April: Pre Tour

10 April: Registraion / Welcome Party

11 April: 4×4 Tour / Party Tour

12 April: AGM / Gala Party

13 April: Farewell brunch



On the 28th of December 2013, it’s time for the most exciting end of the year event in Suriname. The End of the year BUBU Party is Round Table Suriname’s biggest event of the year. This year it’s named ‘the Beach Edition’ and everything will be in line with this theme. There will be music by 2 of Suriname’s most famous DJ’s, Andy Safado and Marnix.

The past 5 years, this party has grown into a well-known event in Suriname and like every year, our Round Table ‘BUBU’ cocktail will be the main attraction. This cocktail has become a popular brand in Suriname’s party scene. People have more fun WITH BUBU!

Round Table Suriname has built a tradition of organizing events where people have fun and support charity at the same time. All revenues will be donated to charity.

So get ready and see you on the 28th of December 2013 @ ‘t Vat !


On 28th September 2013 we had our Mid Year Bubu Party at ‘t Vat. Originally this event was planned to take place on August 3rd 2013, however due to the passing away of our table brother Andy Lijkwan in that period, we postponed it to the end of September. We dedicated this event to Andy and we can look back at a successful event where a large amount of fun and beautiful people had a great time. Read more…


bubu_party_flyer_sept2013Last year we introduced our Mid Year Bubu party for the first time in July. This year the planning was to have the Mid Year Bubu Party on August 3rd 2013, however due to the passing away of our fellow tabler Andy Lijkwan, we decided to postpone this event to another date. The Mid Year Bubu Party is now planned for 28th September 2013. It will be at the same location of ‘T Vat and will be held in memory and spirit of our party animal who passed away way too soon, fellow tabler Andy Lijkwan.Bubu


On August 1st 2013, we all were notified by the sad news that our fellow table brother and youngest member of the 41+ club, Andy Lijkwan, passed away at the age of 42. For all fellow tablers this was a shock as nobody saw this coming and certainly not Andy.

Andy LijkwanAndy was an outspoken tabler who very much liked to party and enjoyed life to the utmost, a typical epicurean. During his table years Andy used to be the MC on many table events. In addition Andy often was in charge of the food for our Table during our formal meetings.

Further he was the cook and bartender/cocktail maker/mixer on many other table events. As a man of many talks and actions Andy will be definitely missed and we wish his family strength, power and all the best for the future.

On 23rd June 2013, a group of Surinamese tablers departed to Plovdiv Bulgaria to visit the EMA 2013. This group consisted of 4 of the 5 board members and 2 fellow tablers. We had a great experience in Bulgaria and represented the Surinamese Table in a positive way. Our table was the talk of the town, mainly because of our diverse noticable looks, but same way of acting and behaving.
Surinamese tablers in Plovdiv Bulgaria
Among mostly all our white fellow tablers we had the most colours !!! We presented typical Surinamese products on the nations night, such as our rum cake, surinamese snacks, surinamese music and above all our own Bubu cocktail. The Bubu cocktail was a success and was consumed by most fellow tablers who gave very good reviews.

The EMA experience by all was a blast for all of us. We met a lot of tablers from different countries and made a lot of new friendships. We strongly advice to all fellow tablers to visit future EMA’s to experience the phenomenon of “International Tabling”.

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On April 13th 2013 we had our AGM in the Banquet Hall of Hotel Torarica in Paramaribo. The day consisted of quite some fun and funny moments combined with some tough and challenging moments for the departing board. All by all it was a great day with great table moments, where the previous board’s term ceased and the new board was assigned and accepted. The previous board (2012-2013) consisted of the following tablers: Read more…