End of the Year Bubu Party 28th of December 2013: Beach Edition

admin_rtable| 23 Dec 2013| 0 comments | News


On the 28th of December 2013, it’s time for the most exciting end of the year event in Suriname. The End of the year BUBU Party is Round Table Suriname’s biggest event of the year. This year it’s named ‘the Beach Edition’ and everything will be in line with this theme. There will be music by 2 of Suriname’s most famous DJ’s, Andy Safado and Marnix.

The past 5 years, this party has grown into a well-known event in Suriname and like every year, our Round Table ‘BUBU’ cocktail will be the main attraction. This cocktail has become a popular brand in Suriname’s party scene. People have more fun WITH BUBU!

Round Table Suriname has built a tradition of organizing events where people have fun and support charity at the same time. All revenues will be donated to charity.

So get ready and see you on the 28th of December 2013 @ ‘t Vat !


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