Visit EMA 2013: Plovdiv Bulgaria

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On 23rd June 2013, a group of Surinamese tablers departed to Plovdiv Bulgaria to visit the EMA 2013. This group consisted of 4 of the 5 board members and 2 fellow tablers. We had a great experience in Bulgaria and represented the Surinamese Table in a positive way. Our table was the talk of the town, mainly because of our diverse noticable looks, but same way of acting and behaving.
Surinamese tablers in Plovdiv Bulgaria
Among mostly all our white fellow tablers we had the most colours !!! We presented typical Surinamese products on the nations night, such as our rum cake, surinamese snacks, surinamese music and above all our own Bubu cocktail. The Bubu cocktail was a success and was consumed by most fellow tablers who gave very good reviews.

The EMA experience by all was a blast for all of us. We met a lot of tablers from different countries and made a lot of new friendships. We strongly advice to all fellow tablers to visit future EMA’s to experience the phenomenon of “International Tabling”.

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